Working from home: back issues

Zami, an ergonomic solution for the increasing number of employees working from home.

Working from home experienced a boom due to the corona crisis. This has caused stress and pain complaints from many people. After hours of working at the kitchen table, that’s when hernia and other back problems start. Several back specialists warn against the danger of this habit. Pain in the neck, back, shoulders or arms can be a result.

Working from home on the couch or at the kitchen table

Working from home offers advantages, but a home workstation is often not well designed. Many offices are equipped with ergonomically designed office chairs and height-adjustable tables. Unfortunately, employees who work from home, on the couch or at the kitchen table, would also need this kind of furniture. A well-equipped home office starts with a good chair. The Zami design makes the home workplace ergonomic and will fit to any interior. Zami is compact, solid and takes up little space.

Higher productivity through healthy working posture

A wrong sitting position has negative repercussions not only on the health, but also on the productivity of an employee. Zami is a new ergonomic chair that encourages active sitting. It is the solution that will change the sitting behavior of both office workers and of the rising number of people who work from home. A healthy posture is at the very center of the design of all Zami products. When sitting on a Zami, children need to move regularly, resulting in an optimal curvature of the spine.

Ergonomics meets design

Zami combines elegance with ergonomics, making it a perfect and attractive seating solution for any interior. Zami’s chairs are the result of years of research carried on by the orthopedic surgeon  Piet Van Loon. He is specialised in preventive and non-surgical solutions for the spine. Designer Ruud-Jan Kokke took care of the design of the ergonomic products from Zami.“By sitting actively on your sitting bones you straighten your back and the spine maintains its protective S-curve. This reduces the pressure on the lower back.” The double curved patented seat from Zami (Japanese for “good sitting”) forces children to change their sitting position regularly. “Easier breathing, freedom of movement of the head and neck and strengthened back muscles are part of the result”. Thanks to the input of designer Ruud-Jan Kokke, a beautiful design was created. Kokke used a round tree trunk as a source of inspiration.  Unlike most ergonomic solutions, Zami gives a sense of luxury and simplicity in one design.

Consultation with the employer

The employer is responsible for providing a healthy working situation for employees. For this reason, many employers are willing to provide an ergonomically responsible workplace at home. That means a good desk, a screen at the right height and an ergonomically approved office chair. Zami is an affordable solution and can be supplemented with a height-adjustable table.

Four different Zami chairs

Zami is available in four heights: Zami-Ergo One, for the smallest children, Zami-Ergo Essential for users at a classic desk height, Zami-Ergo SitSta is the medium length, and Zami-Ergo Bar is suitable for higher tabletops. Zami is a Dutch brand of ergonomic design furniture, made of European materials of the highest quality.

Erik Saathof, occupational physiotherapist:

‘I am very satisfied with the Zami I received a few months ago. I now have the medium-height version (Zitsta) with my desk at 85 centimeters and I am sitting on almost nothing else. I almost seem to fall asleep on every other office chair. Amazing product, compliments!’

Mr. SCH van Loon, Amsterdam:

‘The new normal: in the beginning it took me some time getting used to it, but now I don’t want anything else anymore. I have been using the Zami as an office chair for years now. The slightly rounded seat of the Zami and the absence of a backrest automatically cause an active and mobile sitting position. In my case, it meant loss of stiffness in my lower back. The sitting position on the Zami has become the new normal. No more usual office chairs for me!’

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