Children sit too much

Zami ergonomic school chair with a quality label

Zami is the solution for changing children’s sitting habits. A healthy posture is at the very center of the design of all Zami products. When sitting on a Zami, children need to move regularly, resulting in an optimal curvature of the spine.

Children with back problems

There are more than 2 million people suffering from back problems. This is often due to a prolonged time sitting. We can see a pattern in Dutch people’ seating habits depending on their age. Children aged 4 to 12 spend an average time of 7.3 hours a day sitting, with a three hours increase for young people. These are the statistics from Leefstijlmonitor a collaboration of Dutch National institute for Public Health & Environment, SecurityNL and Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Children sit both at school and in their free time

For children, sitting at school for an average of three hours a day is the most common sitting activity. Young people sit during class, when doing homework and while using computer, tablet, or smartphone in their free time. Adults too spend lots of time sitting both at work and while watching TV. Too often, children are sitting slumped with their backs round. By sitting too much, the curvature of the spine disappears and the pressure on the lower back increases. Zami promotes movement while sitting.

Sitting with a hollow back

Zami’s chairs are the result of years of research carried on by the orthopedic surgeon  Piet Van Loon. He is specialised in preventive and non-surgical solutions for the spine. ‘By sitting actively on your sitting bones you straighten your back and the spine maintains its protective S-curve. This reduces the pressure on the lower back.‘ The double curved patented seat from Zami (Japanese for “good sitting”) forces children to change their sitting position regularly. “Easier breathing, freedom of movement of the head and neck and strengthened back muscles are part of the result”.Thanks to the input of designer Ruud-Jan Kokke, a beautiful design was created. Kokke used a round tree trunk as a source of inspiration.

Ergonomic school chair with a quality label

An ergonomic chair or stool is essential in schools and (child and youth) care institutions. Zami is compact, solid and takes up little space. This makes it very easy to work at a safe distance. Many seating furniture brands claim to be ergonomic without having their products tested by independent third parties. The VHP quality label certifies the Zami furniture as an ergonomically responsible seating position.

Four different Zami chairs

Zami is available in four heights: Zami-Ergo One, for the smallest children, Zami-Ergo Essential for users at a classic desk height, Zami-Ergo SitSta is the medium length, and Zami-Ergo Bar is suitable for higher tabletops. Zami is a Dutch brand of ergonomic design furniture, made of European materials of the highest quality.

Linda ten Kate (Ergonomic advisor) about Zami:

‘I am very satisfied with the Zami ergo chair.The nice thing is that you naturally adopt a good posture. I’ve had it at home for a while. My daughter sat on it effortlessly and used it to sit but also to play leapfrog! I see that children like to use it at school as well. They need to get used to it. Zami provokes continuous movement without disturbing the surroundings.’

‘A major renovation of one of our teaching wings took place in the past year. We created several workplaces for students, and the Zami stool is part of them. In addition, in the Technasium workshop a group of workstations with several Zami crutches has been realized.

Marga Nievelstein, Bonhoeffer College Headmaster:

‘Students have to get used to the stool. After using the workplaces for a few weeks, they were happy with the stool. “You are not sitting still, you are moving without noticing during work.” The students think it is cool. I believe it is very good for students to use an ergonomically responsible piece of furniture.’

Zag B.V. has a strategic partnership with Matador B.V. in Helvoirt with regard to production, assembly, logistics, stock management and order processing.

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