Zami Ergo One
Zami Ergo Stretch

Introducing the revolutionary Zami Ergo Stretch – designed to make your workday more comfortable! Say goodbye to stiff backs and hello to ergonomic bliss. Experience unparalleled support and comfort with our latest innovation. Upgrade your workspace today and take the first step towards a healthier and more productive workspace.

Zami Ergo Essential
Zami Ergo Essential

The Zami Ergo Essential Metal stimulates an active sitting position and is suitable for autonomous use, at the dining table or desk.
On the Zami Ergo Essential you automatically sit upright and that posture activates the back muscles through the double curved patented seat.
The organic design combines beauty with a robust appearance.

Zami Ergo One
Zami Ergo One

This Zami Ergo One “for kids” is available in the cheerful colors green and orange. The frame is made of robust steel and the stool is equipped with an artificial leather seat.
And of course the double curved, patented seat ensures active sitting and the ergonomically features that characterize the Zami Ergo stools.
Ideally suited for schools, nurseries, play corners at home and in waiting rooms.

Zami Ergo Zitsta
Zami Ergo Zitsta

The Zami Ergo Zitsta has been specially developed as a solution for sitting / standing solutions.
Zami stimulates upright sitting and activates the back muscles.
Sitting less is better, but standing all day also leads to problems.
Alternating regularly leads to the most positive effects.

Zami Ergo Bar
Zami Ergo Bar

The Zami Ergo Zitsta/Bar is for sitting / working at a high or height-adjustable table or at a bar setup, but also ideal as an “operator chair” in a factory environment.
Furthermore, the Zami Ergo Zitsta/Bar has all the advantages and properties of every Zami: you sit upright and the posture activates the back muscles.
The leather seat with the patented double-curved seat shape is made of the highest quality and, it is perfectly suitable in combination with Zami Ergo Desk.

Zami Ergo College
Zami Ergo College

This Zami Ergo College is equipped with a worktop and is ideally suited for flexible work or study places and of course good for body and soul, like all Zami Ergo products!
At the Zami Ergo College you sit upright and the double curved patented seat activates the back muscles.
The steel base (matt black colored) provides permanent stability, offers foot support in several ways and accentuates the special design.

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VHP ergonomic quality mark

Both private and business orders

30 days of testing

Practical application sitting at home

The healthy Zami Ergo furniture is ideal for the workplace @ home.

They take up little space and are of course suited for family use as well.

Practical application at work

Zami Ergo furniture is the solution for sitting @work.

Zani Ergo furniture encourages an active attitude for sustainable health.

Practical application at schools

Just like gymnastics and playing outside, healthy sitting is essential for children for their physical and mental development.

The Zami Ergo One is specially developed in two heights for children in primary education.

No more five different chair heights, but only two for the entire school period.

Ergonomic sitting position

The sitting posture on Zami Ergo does not cause any skew on the back. This ergonomically correct posture ensures good and active sitting.

VHP quality mark

Many chair manufacturers claim to have ergonomic chairs without having it tested by independent third parties. The VHP quality mark certifies the perfect ergonomic  seating position of the Zami Ergo furniture.

30 days reflection period

You can test the benefits of active sitting on your Zami Ergo yourself for even 30 days. We are convinced that you don’t want to be without it any longer!

Worldwide delivery

Both private and business orders are shipped worldwide by our strategic partner Matador B.V.