Zami Ergo customers use Zami Ergo products in different settings. Below are some experiences our customers have shared with us.

The Zami that I received a couple of months ago is very nice. I now have the medium-high version (Zitsta) with my desk at 85 cm and sit on almost nothing else. Every office chair I sit on, I almost seem to fall asleep. Lovely product, my compliments!

Erik Saathof, company physiotherapist


Content and communication agency LBL uses a number of Zami stools. These stools are alternated by our employees with normal office chairs. It is noticeable that the Zami’s are mainly used when employees have problems with their backs. Because of the active posture, you sit much more actively behind your desk. This works very well with low back pain. We are very satisfied!

Willem Vierdag, LBL Communicatie & Content Marketing


I’m really excited about the Zami Ergo range. The great thing about it is that you naturally maintain a good posture. I’ve had it in my house for a while, my daughter sat on it and was pretty disappointed that it left. She used the Zami not only to sit on it, but even to jump over.

I also had some first experiences in a school environment and I see that children like to use it. At first it isn’t very popular, but after a few days they start using the Zami more and more. The best thing I find is that the Zami continuously provokes movement, without this becoming a nuisance to the environment. I am very curious about the influence of the Zami on the core stability of the pupils when they sit on it for a longer period of time.

Linda ten Katen


At the school a major renovation of one of the educational wings took place last year. Several workplaces for students have been realized, of which the Zami stool is a part. In addition, a group workplace with several Zami stools has been realised in the Technasium workshop.

Pupils had to get used to the stool for a while. After the workplaces had been in use for a few weeks, they indicated that the stool sits well. “You don’t sit still, unnoticed you’re moving while working.” The students think it’s chill. I think it’s positive that the pupils have put ergonomically sound furniture into use.

Marga Nievelstein, Rector Bonhoeffer College


Every day and for several years I work sitting on the Zami in my studio. The Zami supports my concentration and stimulates me to adopt a personal and balanced working and sitting posture. As an object the Zami in my studio has a present and natural beauty.

Albert Van Der Weide, artist


The new normal. The beginning took some getting used to, but now I don’t want anything else. Meanwhile I use the Zami as an office chair for a number of years. The slightly convex seat of the Zami and the lack of a backrest, automatically causes an active and mobile sitting posture. In my case this has led to the disappearance of the stiffness in my lower back. The sitting posture on the Zami has become the new normal. No more fixed office chair for me!

Mr. SCH van Loon, Amsterdam


Thanks to the Zami, after a day of screen work, you no longer suffer from unpleasant low back pain. For many hours of screen work, I alternate regularly with sitting on a Zami and working from a standing position with a stand/sitting table. Want to watch a long movie on the couch in the evening? No problem!

Peter S. National Government Training Centre